The Joy of Becoming You

Embracing change often leads you to finding yourself.

Have you ever noticed that human beings tend to have a warped outlook on change?
When someone says, “You’ve changed”, the statement is usually accompanied by dismay or disappointment.

What if I told you that the ability to change is one of our superpowers? At any given moment, if we are not happy with something, all we need to do is change it or change our thoughts about it. We can decide to change our mind, change the subject, change our hair color and change our outlook. Try it! Change things up, get into the feeling of it, and if you don’t like it? Yep, you get to change it again 🙌🏼

As you go through life and change what you don’t like, while choosing the things you love, you keep moving towards the life you want to live. And that is the true journey, discovering and finding who you really are.

So, if ever someone tells you that you’ve changed, smile and proudly say, “thank you for noticing!”, and remember that change means that you are evolving.
You are becoming who you were meant to be…