The Joy of Football

I have loved Liverpool since the age of 11 when my family moved to the northern suburbs of Cape Town.
I was a tomboy in every sense; anything pink was abhorrent and so were wearing dresses and playing with dolls. Instead, I excelled at climbing trees, winning fist fights, collecting marbles and catching tadpoles. Playing football seemed a natural progression, and was right up my alley… Or rather, as it turned out, down the road I lived in!
A group of boys played football in the road every afternoon after school. I soon joined in, much to my Mother’s chagrin. They were all (except for my next door neighbor who was a Manchester United fan) massive Liverpool supporters and taught me about the football club’s illustrious history, and of course, how to play football. The 1993-94 season was not a great season for Liverpool as they finished in eighth place in the Premier League. However, thanks to my first favorite footballer (and my first celebrity crush), Robbie Fowler, my love for Liverpool and the beautiful game was cemented.

I have loved the club through everything, irrationally at times, but it is a love that has only deepened with time, and it is irrevocable. Loving Liverpool has never been for the faint of heart. If anything, our supporters have far too much heart. This says it best:

“It’s not just a football club, it’s a way of life.”

The Liverpool Football Club anthem, You’ll Never Walk Alone, is one of the multitude of reasons that I love L.F.C the way I do, and it’s because those four words ring true. If you are a Liverpool supporter, you will always find a fellow supporter with ease, regardless of where in the world you are. If you’re lucky, that fellow supporter will become a friend who feels like family and on that front I have been very blessed supporting this incredible club.

Supporting Liverpool means so much more than just being a fan. To me, it always has, and it always will.

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